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Choose from a wide range of IoT or M2M data plans, with roaming across different regions, SIMs to suit your specific needs and operational environment.

IoT connectivity is delivered through our range of connectivity plans, either casual, group/shared or international. Plans are offered either through the Telstra Wireless M2M Control Centre or the Telstra M2M Managed service.

We also have a range of SIM options, each designed for different solution bandwidth, demands and conditions.

We can assist with:

  • Casual data plans
  • Group and shared data plans
  • International outbound group plans
  • Voice plans or location service plans

Use this handy guide to determine what plan might best suit your needs, or get in touch with us today and let a trained member of our team interpret your needs.

Use this table to help you select the appropriate plan for your solution data usage needs.






1MB to 10MB

10MB to 300MB

300MB to 25GB



electricity/gas/water, agriculture

Mobile health: remote patient monitoring/remote diagnostics

Security monitoring: alarm management, home security, vehicle security

Fleet and transport: vehicle tracking of rental cars, taxi and truck fleets

Retail vending/ticketing: vending machine management and inventory control and public transport ticketing

Connected consumer devices: eReader devices, network gaming, digital picture frames

Digital signage: information and advertising signs for retail, leisure, hotel and Information kiosks

Video surveillance: live video streaming from security cameras

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