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Vehicle Telemetry and Asset Management

Explore our leading range of solutions to set your business apart Efficiency, productivity, accountability and safety; if these are your business drivers we can help put you and your fleet ahead of the pack.

Our leading Vehicle and Asset Management Solutions help you gain a competitive edge by enabling you to work smarter, not harder. They can also assist in providing your customers with a better experience.

It’s as simple as tracking or monitoring your vehicles, equipment or property using IoT and M2M solutions.

Our Vehicle and Worker Management solutions can help your fleet comply with safety requirements and make more efficient use of your drivers and vehicles by providing these benefits:

  • Monitor driver performance to help minimise risk of incidents from excessive speed, harsh cornering and braking
  • Can assist in reducing risk of liability under Chain of Responsibility requirements
  • Adherence to scheduled break times to help minimise driver fatigue
  • Optimise the allocation of work to the nearest vehicles to increase productivity and minimise down time
  • Help minimise unnecessary mileage and vehicle wear and tear

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